Sunday, September 6, 2015

colored contact lenses amazon

colored contact lenses amazon Contact lenses now have many choices of colors are usually favored young people. Not only useful for vision, color selection is usually to support the appearance of the eyes to be more beautiful. However, it must not choose the color contact lenses.

Yulia ophthalmologist Aziza said, in the selection of color contact lenses need to consider the location of pigment dyes. Coloring pigments on contact lenses should not be on the surface, either front or rear contact lenses.

"Pigment should be or encased in a contact lens or rather sandwiched between two layers of clear," said Yulia in a discussion in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/4).

According to Yulia, if the coloring pigments on the surface, it can cause irritation of the eyes due to allergies, scratched, until the infection of the cornea caused by friction directly with color pigments.

Cheni Lee OD, FIACLE as PAC Manager Johnson & Johnson added, where the color pigment can be tested by using a swab bud yangdigosokkan to the surface of the contact lens. If the swab bud so colored, then the coloring pigments on the surface.

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